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The Jussie Smollett Drama

I feel I need to express some things on this Jussie story and keep it real. I have been out for since I was 18 years old I’m 48 now so I have seen some things. I have been a victim of Gay bashing. One day on Queens Blvd walking home from work to a high school friend’s house. I was attacked by someone who I had a slight acquaintance with because we worked at the same job in the past. He always referred to me as Faggity azz Shannon.

He ran up on me and beat the shit out of me. This man dragged me. All I wanted to do is get away. Get help. This was broad daylight on Queens Blvd in Jamaica Queens and no one helped me. People watched as he punched my face and kicked me, spit on me and called me all kinds of names. I don’t know how I was able to get away. But I did. I ran. I got to my friend’s house a few blocks away they called the police.

I filed a police report told the police I know the attacker he used to work at my former part-time job. When I contacted the job and asked for their help in identifying the name of the person they gave me no help. They played dumb. They didn’t want to get involved because they were paying people under the table.

My family felt it was my fault because if I wasn’t gay this wouldn’t have happened. Real men don’t get their asses beat only men who want to be a woman.

I felt embarrassed, I was hurt. I thought what did I do to deserve this? The police didn’t care, there were no support groups. No family support. Nothing.

I say this because I have a point of reference when it comes to Jussie Smollett. I take it seriously. I know how it feels. In his case. I sympathized with him because he was attacked, it’s scary and you want and NEED support.

However, we someone tells you their story you offer support then you want justice for them. This is what happened to Jussie there was an outpouring of love and sympathy for him from Hollywood to Capitol Hill.
In that second phase of wanted justice, you start putting the pieces together. I have never denied that he was attacked. I have always stated “Something just doesn’t feel right about” about this story. The attack against Jussie may not have happened the way he claimed, but that’s not to say it couldn’t have happened.

From day one to now, I feel there is WAY MORE to this story that is known, it’s -10 degrees at 2 am in downtown Chicago. I find it weird that someone is walking around with bleach and a rope looking for a random black gay man. No, my hunch was they were looking specifically for Jussie. My next question is why are they looking for you Jussie. What happened that they want you? Was there some interaction in past?

You were attacked by two strong guys and from the pictures, they didn’t do much damage. There was a report that you had bruised ribs but you were well enough to perform at a concert a few days later and do the network TV show rounds? I would think most people need time to heal and put things into perspective but we all are different and handle things.

Those two things gave me pause.

Then later we hear this.

The police stated, Smollett attempted to gain attention by sending a false letter to himself. When that didn’t work, Smollett then paid $3,500 to two brothers, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, to stage the attack because, according to Johnson, Smollett “was dissatisfied with his salary” on the hit TV show Empire.

The two brothers Smollett hired, men he knew from working on Empire, were wearing gloves and, said Johnson, punched the actor “a little bit.” Phone records between Smollett and the two brothers show communication both before and after the staged attack.

At the hospital, it was noted other than a few scratches on his face and some bruising. It appeared that the scratches may have been self-inflicted.
How were the brothers identified because the video was grainy?
The two brothers seen in the video were eventually identified through rideshare they used to flee the scene. On Friday, February 15, after 47 hours of the brothers being in custody, and hours of interrogation, they were no longer considered suspects in the case. They became witnesses to the crime.

The police executed more than 50 search warrants and subpoenas looking into phone and social-media records of the parties involved in this investigation. Based on the evidence the brothers provided and that the police uncovered (including the payment from Smollett), the State Attorney’s Office approved charges.

Now we know the Chicago PD has its own questionable reputation with communities of color, so some of the evidence they say they have maybe suspect itself.

This does not mean that Jussie is guilty that is for a court to decide but this is enough to give me pause about his story. Like anyone else in this country, he has the right to be presumed innocent until found guilty, even if it does turn out he committed a hate crime against himself.

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