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Meth Is A Real Problem for Black Gays

The tragic death of Gemmel Moore  aka “Gemmel Garcon” last July is the burst of awareness about the silent crystal meth epidemic that has attack the House Ballroom and Black Gay community as whole. On Sept. 13, black gay and addiction recovery advocates will hold the first community South Los Angeles Crystal Meth Task Force, hosted by the AMAAD Institute, to focus on community engagement, prevention and addiction intervention for the LGBTQ community.

Gemmel, 26, was found dead of what the LA coroner originally determined was an accidental fatal overdose of crystal methamphetamine July 27 in the West Hollywood apartment of gay Democratic activist donor Ed Buck. Though investigators initially found nothing suspicious about the circumstances of Moore’s death, Sheriff Jim McDonnell ordered a follow-up investigation “out of abundance of caution” after pleas from Moore’s mother LaTisha Nixon and local gay activists for a “thorough investigation.”

On Aug. 31, activist attorney Nana Gyamfi announced in a press release that the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office agreed to provide “a binding written agreement of immunity” to “several” black men who she claims have come forward to tell stories similar to the story Moore wrote about in a journal last year about his sex work and meth use with Buck. In an email response for confirmation of DA Jackie Lacey’s alleged immunity agreement with Gyamfi, DA spokesperson Shiara Davila-Morales wrote: “Regarding your pending query, we politely decline to comment.”

The use of Crystal Meth among black gay men has grown over the past few years. It’s common use among white gay men with their young gay African American escorts in the pay for play scenario is now permeating through the House Ballroom Community and the greater Black Gay Community. This horrible situation with Buck in LA is being played out nationwide. Young black gay men have been victimized by both older white gay men and a system that has not listened to them. Additionally, the case has exposed sexual practices that may be familiar to gay men but are now front and center in community discussions about sex, race and drugs in the gay community.

What is not known about crystal meth is the long-term damage done to the body and brain and how quickly an overdose can lead to death if the user has other health issues.


For Help with Crystal Meth you can contact Crystal Meth Anonymous or call

This phone line is staffed with CMA members 24 hours a day. Volunteers are available to help callers find a meeting or understand more about the fellowship of CMA. CMA Members cannot answer emergency, medical or legal questions.


CMA General Services
4470 W Sunset Blvd Suite 107 PMB 555
Los Angeles CA 90027 United States

Phone: (855) 638-4373 or (855) METH-FREE



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