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Men of Change

What a person does off the runway is just as important or in my mind more important than what they do on the runway.  When the music stops and everyone leaves the ball we have to return to our reality.  The reality of everyday. The grind the hustle working to make ends meet, working to make lives better for others.

This year I decided to drop in on the United States Conference on AIDS. Passing through lobby you see the decision makers, those who have made it their priority to help end AIDS. People from all walks of life and all shapes (no shade).  But I had to focus on one group of men.

Dressed handsomely, engaging in conversation. These are the ones that I needed to talk to, these are men from the ballroom.  Jarrell Mizrahi, George Mirahi, Exotic Mugler and Whitney Garcon. Gone were their category attire or ballroom effects. Smart tailored suits and polos was the attire for this function and they looked amazingly handsome.

Jarrell Mizrahi is a Community Navigator for the LGBT Life Center in Virginia and George Mizrahi is a Biomedical HIV Prevention Coordinator at Project East Bay in California. Whitney Garcon and Exotic Mugler both strong community advocates in the fight to end HIV in our community soaking up the information from this conference.

This isn’t about ballroom they were here because this is what they do, this is real. The fight against AIDs and their work in our community.

It’s so important to see what our people do outside of the ballroom and the great things they do to try to make changes in people lives for the better.

Congratulations for representing our community and doing the good work that so often goes unnoticed!!!

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