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Dating over 40

When a black gay man reaches their 40th birthday, they should receive a signed letter from Patti Labelle. The letter should congratulate the old soul on making it thus far against all the odds, without strangling any friends for innocently asking “So, are you seeing anyone?” or remarking “Let’s face…

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Before Moonlight: 10 films that celebrate the African American LGBT experience / LGBTQ Nation

The month of February celebrates Black History in America and along with it the rich contributions African-American people have made. Though it too often goes unremarked, black filmmakers from have played a leading role in shaping queer culture and changing the way Americans think of the black community. Check out…

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Racist In Chief

President Trump is a racist. As an African-American and descendant from Haitian and Caribbean immigrants I must call a spade a spade. He has consistently made remarks that seem racist and his supporters have defended him by saying that he didn’t mean that or we have taken his words out…

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Men of Change

What a person does off the runway is just as important or in my mind more important than what they do on the runway.  When the music stops and everyone leaves the ball we have to return to our reality.  The reality of everyday. The grind the hustle working to…