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People with HIV should not have a higher coronavirus risk if they take viral-suppressing drugs as usual, but many may struggle to get hold of medication

Certain pre-existing medical conditions like cancer and HIV can significantly weaken someone’s immune system, making it more likely for some people to develop more severe symptoms of coronavirus. People with “less-controlled HIV” — people who have HIV who aren’t receiving the proper treatment — are at risk for more dangerous symptoms.  However, a person who…

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Callers threatened to burn down this restaurant with a drag brunch. The queens are dancing on.

The phone calls had begun weeks earlier, in the days leading up to the restaurant’s monthly drag brunch. On the other line were unidentifiable voices hurling homophobic slurs and threats to kill the staff and burn the business down.

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Gay high school senior in Tennessee crowned homecoming royalty in gold dress

The photo of Brandon Allen, 17, receiving his crown in a gold off-the-shoulder sequin gown has been shared thousands of times on social media.

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Before Pride Week, Charleston Black Pride branches off from organization

Regina Duggins (Founder), Ron Rico Judon (VP), Latisha Bradley (Secretary), Jermaine Beigen (Community Outreach) Queen Symone O’Bishop, Queen Crystal Guysir and Emperor Beau O’Bishop. Provided/Charleston Black Pride Shante Savage attended the 2017 Charleston Pride Parade. A new group called Charleston Black Pride has since branched off from the Charleston Pride…

Darren Walker
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The Man With the $13 Billion Checkbook – Darren Walker, a gay black man from Texas in a realm created by old-money elites, is the connector of connectors.

Darren Walker, a gay black man from Texas in a realm created by old-money elites, is the connector of connectors. In a new Gilded Age, he believes that wealth can be made to do more good.

Marsha Johnson
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Why we owe Pride to black transgender women who threw bricks at cops

Black transgender women are murdered at alarming rates. They have a bleak life expectancy between 35 and 37 years old, according to Julian K. Glover, an African American Studies doctoral student at Northwestern University  and receive an average annual income of $10,000 — well below the poverty line. According to the Human Rights Campaign at the time of…