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Black Teens Cuffed for Selling Water in DC

I’m not one to scream racism at every incident and I try to be objective however the U.S. Park Police has a reputation of being one of the most racists police institutions int the DC area. This incident is so disturbing. These young black teenagers were selling water on the mall and were handcuff for selling water without a permit. Not for stealing or anything violent but just trying to make a dollar on a hot day.

The U.S. Park Police issued a response Friday saying that the four individuals (three teens and one adult) were detained by Park Police officers for “illegally vending on the National Mall in the area of 12th Street and Jefferson Drive, Northwest.”

Turns out the adult was not involved, and the three teens, one 16-year-old and two 17-year-olds, were released to the custody of their legal guardians, along with the scary contraband – Bottled Water!

I know in all my heart that if they were 3 young white teenagers they would not have been handcuffed or treated in this manner. This is a problem! They were treated this way for being black no other reason. First it was driving while black now its #SellingWaterWhileBlack

WJLA reports that a Washington, D.C., City Council member wrote to the head of the agency demanding answers about the Thursday incident.



It’s funny that the Park Police has time to cuff and harass young black men trying to make a few dollars on a hot day but they can’t find the idiot who is placing offensive nooses around the National Mall and museums.

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