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African American Skin Care – Why Different Skins Have Their Own Specific Needs

Many people question the need for African American skin care products and those for other dark skinned ethnicities, as we tend to assume that one person’s skin is the same as the next excluding variations in color. The truth is that different ethnicities often have unique problems, or issues to which they are more prone. African American skin does have its own specific needs.

One of the things that there is a high incidence of is acne, which is caused in part by excessive oil production. What happens is that the excess oil combines with dead keratin cells to form a tight plug in your follicles. The formation of pimples, pustules, and papules comes when the commensal Propionibacterium acnes bacteria causes inflammation to form in the blocked follicle.

Since acne is a common problem in people of all skin colors, there is really no need for a special African American skin care anti acne formula. No matter what your race or skin tone, you want to be careful about the various acne fighting formulas on the market. Most of them will cause minor to severe irritation and drying, and many feature ingredients that are potentially toxic or carcinogenic.

What you need to be on the lookout for are formulas with ingredients like hydroquinone, ammoniated mercury, and mercury (II) chloride. Hydroquinone is an organic compound that scientific studies have linked to Leukemia development in several types of animals. Ammoniated mercury and mercury (II) chloride are just like any other form of mercury, and are highly toxic to humans.

For defeating the acne suffered by just about anyone, including an African American skin care products must contain ingredients like Maracuja passion fruit extract, Jojoba oil, Capuacu butter, active Manuka honey, Babassu wax, Shea butter, and Witch Hazel. Maracuja passion fruit and Jojoba prevent follicle blockage by regulating oil production, while these other ingredients reduce inflammation and eliminate the bacteria that causes it.

The other major problem that people with darker complexions often suffer is variations in skin tone. People with darker skin often suffer from post traumatic melanin hyperpigmentation, which causes the traumatized area to become darker than the rest of the skin. Vitiligo is a common African American disease, where the pigment cells are destroyed and irregular light, or even white patches occur.

There are many products out there that are designed to even the skin tone, but what I would advise for African American skin care are products that contain an ingredient called Extrapone nutgrass root extract. This natural compound is a melanin inhibitor, and can either reduce the melanin in darker patches or lighten the skin surrounding lighter patches. Either way you end up with a more even complexion.

Make no mistake about it. Although not especially African American skin care products, the formulas that contain the ingredients I have listed here will work extremely well in alleviating the common problems you suffer. These compounds are the safest and most effective ingredients you have available, and you will get a lot of benefit from use of the products that contain them.

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